The 11+ Entrance Examination for entrance into Year 7 is held at the school in the January preceding entry in September. The deadline for registration is 31st October when boys are in Year 6 at their current school.

Starting the application process

We would be delighted to welcome you and your son on a visit to the Senior School in the months prior to application. As well as having a tour of the school with one of our current pupils, you will have an opportunity to meet the Master, Helen Pike, and our Heads of Departments. The Master’s talk includes a pupil panel and we very much welcome questions from the boys as well as their parents. You will find information about our open events on our Open Events page and our Admissions dates will guide you through the timeline for application, including test and interview dates.


To register please complete the online registration form. You will be required to upload an electronic copy of your son’s birth certificate or passport and make an online payment of the registration fee (£100 for UK applicants; £200 for applicants living overseas). There is no need to register a very long time in advance, but do please bear the 31 st October deadline in mind.

In the weeks leading up to our tests, we will contact you to ask more information about your son’s hobbies and interests so we can start to build a more rounded picture of him. We will also ask for a reference from his current school at this stage. The registration form will ask you if your son has any medical conditions or specific learning difficulties that the school should be made aware of, so that access arrangements may be put in place if applicable.

Apply Online

Help with fees

The school is committed to offering places to those most able to benefit from an MCS education, irrespective of financial means. The registration form will give you an opportunity to indicate whether you require information about our bursaries and you will find more information about these on our Bursaries page. Please be aware of the published November deadline should you wish to apply for financial support.

The 11+ and pre-test entrance tests

In our exams, we look carefully for potential, and not simply at current attainment. Our entrance tests involve a combination of written papers and interviews for most candidates. We will also take the school reference into consideration as well as your son’s wider interests and any other relevant information.

Boys take tests in English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning. The English test lasts one hour and comprises two composition questions, one fiction and one non-fiction. The Maths paper is also an hour long and is based on the National Curriculum up to and including Year 5. The Verbal Reasoning test lasts 45 minutes and there will be an opportunity to work through sample questions before the test starts. There are breaks between the papers, and an activities session after lunch where boys are encouraged to relax and have fun. No special preparation is expected or required for the 11+ tests, but we would recommend familiarising your son with the format of our papers by looking at our sample English and Maths papers. Admissions at 11+ gives some friendly guidance on what to expect on the 11+ day to answer some of the questions your son might have before coming for the tests.


Candidates are invited back for interview on the basis of their performance in the entry tests. They will be asked to read and comment on a short passage and to bring in an object to talk about. Occasionally they may be given a few short Maths questions. We will also ask about hobbies and extra-curricular activities and we are keen to hear about what the boys are really excited about and love doing. The interview lasts about 30 minutes and we aim to make the boys feel as much at ease as possible so they enjoy the experience.

"It really is the case that the MCS candidates come away cheerful and happy – our son has remarked several times how much he liked his interviewer"

Parent of a recent candidate


We will let you know if your son has been offered a place at the beginning of February and you will need to confirm that you wish to accept the place by returning the correct forms and pay a deposit by the agreed acceptance date. The deposit is currently £1,000 and will be adjusted if you have been awarded a bursary.


Boys who have done particularly well in their entrance test or show particular promise will be considered for Academic Scholarships, All-Rounder Awards and Governors’ Presentation Awards. No application is necessary, and more information can be found on our Scholarships page.

Induction and joining MCS in September

Important joining information is sent out in May and we hold an induction morning in June for parents and new boys. There will be two further induction days in September just before the beginning of term to help boys settle in and start making new friends.


Please visit our Fees page for an overview of Senior School Tuition Fees at Magdalen College School.