Sixth Form at MCS has been co-educational since 2010. We welcome applications from pupils who are keen to experience our approach to learning and the wide range of activities we have on offer.

The deadline for registration is 31st October when candidates are in Year 11 at their current school and our Sixth Form admissions interviews and tests take place in the November of Year 11. It may be possible to consider late applications subject to places being available.

Starting the application process

We would be delighted to welcome applicants and their parents on a visit to the Senior School and Sixth Form in the months prior to application. We hold an Open Evening specifically aimed at Sixth Form applicants early in the Michaelmas term and you are, of course, also very welcome at any other of our Senior School Open Afternoons. As well as having a tour of the school with a current Sixth Form pupil, these will give you an opportunity to meet the Master, Helen Pike, and our Heads of Departments as well as asking questions of our pupil panel. Pupils who have registered for Sixth Form admission are also welcome to attend our Sixth Form A-Level Options Evening in November to help them firm up their subject choices. You will find information about our open events on our Open Days page and our Admissions dates  will guide you through the timeline for application, including timings for Scholarship applications.


Parents; to register please complete the online registration form. You will be required to upload an electronic copy of your son or daughter’s birth certificate or passport and make an online payment of the registration fee (£100 for UK applicants; £200 for applicants living overseas).

The registration form will ask you to indicate which A-Levels your son or daughter may be considering. These are indicative only at this stage but will be used as guidelines for the interviews. There is no need to register a very long time in advance, but do please bear the 31st October deadline in mind.

In the weeks leading up to our interviews, we will contact you to ask more information about the applicant’s achievements and interests. We will also ask for a reference from their current school. The registration form will ask you if there are any medical conditions or specific learning difficulties that the school should be made aware of, so that access arrangements may be put in place if applicable.

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Help with fees

The school is committed to offering places to those most able to benefit from an MCS education who might not otherwise be able to afford some or all of our fees. The registration form will give you an opportunity to indicate whether you require information about our bursaries and you will find more information about these on our Bursaries page. Please be aware of the published November deadline should you wish to apply for financial support.

The 16+ entrance tests

All applicants have two subject interviews and one general interview with senior members of staff and subject specialists. They also sit a 45 minute Verbal Reasoning test. Interviews will take place in November. References will be requested from the candidate’s current school, and all applicants are expected to gain six A*, 9 or 8 grades at GCSE, including in the subjects they intend to study for A-level.  In some cases (e.g. applicants from overseas) it may be necessary to ask a prospective pupil to sit a written paper. Sixth Form applicants whose first language is not English are required to have obtained IELTS level 7 (for further information please go to and choose Academic option). They, and those who are not sitting GCSE/IGCSE English (Language), should discuss their circumstances with the Registrar.

Discussion of extra-curricular activities and interests forms an important part of the interview, and a pupil’s ability to engage with the varied extra-curricular life of the school is an important factor in the selection process. In assessing a candidate’s future potential, we also take a keen interest in the school reference and any other applicable information. There is more information about the process in our Admissions at 16+ guide.

"The pupils’ excellent progress… and their understanding of how to improve their own performance, prepare them extremely well for the next stage of their lives"

ISI Report 2017


The General Interview takes place with a member of the Sixth Form Team. It will focus on the candidate’s academic and extra-curricular interests, their GCSE predictions, ideas for A-Level choices and possibly for their Waynflete Studies. The interviewer may ask about university or career aspirations and it is also an opportunity for candidates to ask questions about Sixth Form at MCS. The Subject Interviews are usually with Heads of Department and will be academic in focus. Candidates are interviewed in two of the subjects they have indicated as possible A-Level options.

The purpose of the interviews is to give us a personal insight into each applicant’s academic interests and capabilities, and to help us to see beyond their performance record and to assess their ability to learn. The ability to engage with new ideas is important, as is self-motivation and enthusiasm for the chosen subjects. We are also interested in finding out what motivates and interests our candidates beyond academic study. This will help us assess the contribution they may bring to the broader life of the school, and to ensure MCS is an environment in which they will flourish. In the words of a recent applicant: “I felt the interviewer was interested in finding out about me as a person, and whether I would fit into the school. It was much more than a question of my academic results.”


Places are offered  at the beginning of December and you will need to confirm that you wish to accept the place by returning the correct forms and pay a deposit by the agreed acceptance date. The deposit is currently £1,000 and will be adjusted if you have been awarded a bursary. Places are conditional on achieving six A*, 8 or 9 at GCSE, and we find that many of our offer holders exceed this.


Candidates for Sixth Form entry are eligible to apply for our Art, Drama, Music and Sports Scholarships. Please note that these are subject to strict deadlines and more information can be found on our Scholarships page. Academic Scholarships are awarded on the basis of performance in our 16+ tests and GCSE results.

Inductions and joining MCS in September

There is an Induction Quiz in March where offer holders are invited to join our current Year 11 and member of our Sixth Form Team for a light-hearted team version of University Challenge. Important joining information is sent out in May and we hold an induction afternoon in June after GCSEs have taken place for parents and new pupils. We will then wait to hear confirmation of the GCSE results at the end of August. There will be two further induction days in September just before the beginning of term to help new and existing pupils embark on the Sixth Form journey.


Please visit our Fees page for an overview of Sixth Form fees.