MCS is celebrating another year of exceptional GCSE and A-Level results. The learning which occurs at MCS is much deeper than that which produces such results, but it is only right that we celebrate our pupils’ success and hard work, which will enable them to flourish in their chosen careers.

GCSE 2018

A* (inc 8 and 9)
A*-A (inc 7, 8 and 9)
10 or more A*s, 9s and 8s

Over 90% A*, 9 or 8 in Maths, Physics, Geography, Latin, Greek and Religious Studies

60% of pupils gained 9A*, 9s or 8s or better and 72% gained 8 or more

A Level 2018

46% A*
84% A*-A
97% A*-B
39 pupils achieved 3 A*s and above
15 pupils (10% of year group) achieved 4 or more A*s


Master Helen Pike said, “MCS is celebrating exceptional results again this year, and I am delighted for this very talented year group. The students manage to achieve remarkable exam results whilst performing at high levels in sport, music, drama and many other spheres at the same time. The results are also testament to the hard work of their teachers, and to the support of parents. I look forward to all that these boys will contribute to the School and the wider world as Sixth Formers.”

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A Level

Master Helen Pike said, “‘This remarkable group of pupils contributed so much to school life and the wider community, and they should be proud of the hard work which led to these achievements. A big thank you, too, to the parents, teachers and many other colleagues who supported them in various ways.”

Individual successes include:

  • Anya achieved 5 A*s and will read Engineering at Cambridge
  • Liam gained 4 A*s and takes up his place to read Linguistics at Cambridge
  • Tarun, Mimi and Emilie each achieved 4 A*s and an A. Tarun and Emilie are both taking Natural Sciences at Cambridge, while Mimi will be reading Medicine at Exeter.
  • Lucy achieved an impressive 5 A*s and a place at Oxford
  • William sealed his place for Natural Sciences at Cambridge with 4 A*s
  • Other 4 A* pupils include Zac, Tom, Charlie, Thomas, Joe, Ryan, George and Freddy

Destinations 2018

Cambridge and Oxford were the two most popular destinations, with the vast majority of pupils going to Russell Group Universities.

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