We are committed to ensuring an MCS education is open to the brightest pupils, no matter their personal circumstances. We do this by offering help with fees known as a ‘bursary’ to families. In 2019-20, 1 in 10 pupils were on a Bursary.

Offering substantial help with fees is a core part of our mission to ensure that people of all backgrounds can benefit from the transformative education MCS provides.



Our Admissions team are here to guide you through the process of applying for a bursary, but you may find these frequently asked questions helpful in the meantime.


What is a bursary?
Who is eligible for a bursary?
What about field trips, school lunches and other costs?
Will my child’s application be negatively affected?
How does a bursary differ to a scholarship?
How can I apply?
When will I find out if my application has been successful?
What is a hardship award?
Who will know my child has been awarded a bursary?


If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Bursar, Mrs Alexandra West via bursar@mcsoxford.org who can address queries about financial assistance with fees. Our full Financial Assistance with Fees policy can be found here.