MCS Parents’ Association raises both friends and funds for the school community, giving parents a chance to meet outside formal school events such as pastoral talks, teacher meetings, concerts, plays and fixtures.

The Committee

The Committee consists of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer who all give of their time and energy to co-ordinate MCS PA activities.

Contact and Communication

Each year group has one, and usually two, year group representatives. Communication is typically via Classlist, and year group reps arrange social gatherings for each cohort as well as helping support major, school wide PA events.

Social Events

There are plenty of opportunities for parents to socialise and get to know each other during the school year. Highlights include the PA Ball, Wine Tasting, Jazz and Blues Evening, and the fiercely contested PA Quiz.

Regular House gatherings occur in the Hilary and Trinity terms, and are a great way for families to connect with others from the same local area.

Concerts, Plays & Fixtures

MCS is lucky to enjoy a very supportive parent body who enjoy the many ways of getting involved in the life of the school. Whether it’s at sports matches, music concerts or drama productions, parents are always welcome to come and support the school at events.

Parents’ Forum

MCS has a Parents’ Forum that meets termly.  It is a consultative forum, rather than a representative or executive committee. For further details go the Parent Portal.