Typically between 50 and 60 new pupils, both boys and girls, join the school at Sixth Form level. There is a dedicated Sixth Form common room, work areas, and seminar room located in the Richard Record Sixth Form Centre for the two year groups.

Points of Contact – The Sixth Form Team

Head of Sixth FormDr Colin Pearson
Heads of U6thDr Jim Panton, Miss Sabrina Shortland
Heads of L6thMiss Jo Pick, Miss Kirsty Rooney
Director of Higher EducationMr Peter McDonald

The Sixth Form Team leads 24 dedicated tutors, 12 in each year, who typically stay with the tutor group for the 2 years of 6th form. The Housemasters are always 6 of these tutors.


“My daughter has had excellent, caring encouraging and dedicated teachers at MCS. She has been inspired and nurtured.”

MCS Parent

Lilium, Learning and Support

PSHCE is known as Lilium at MCS. In Sixth Form, Lilium continues through a series of talks on wide-ranging topics which tutors follow up and develop with pupils during their final two years in school. There is also an extensive programme of Sixth Form induction, which includes both the nature of academic challenge, alongside the maintenance of physical and mental health. This is supported by the staff of the Medical Centre, for more information click the button below.



The Sixth Form at MCS places a high value on curiosity, a willingness to take intellectual risks and strong relationships, and in so doing, creates an environment in which it is both safe to challenge oneself, but easy to thrive. This does not involve shielding pupils from the stresses and pressures they are likely to face in the Sixth Form and beyond, but rather through conversation, guidance and by example, leading them towards a point where challenge is greeted as opportunity and resilience builds a flexible and robust mind-set and outlook.