Types of awards

  • Academic Scholarships and Exhibitions are awarded on entry to the Senior School or, internally, in recognition of a pupil’s merit and potential.
  • Music, Art and Sport Scholarships are available at 13+ and 16+ by application to internal and external candidates
  • Drama Scholarships are available at 16+ by application to internal and external candidates
  • All-Rounder Awards are made to a number of pupils of high academic ability who are likely also to make a substantial contribution to the wider life of the school.
  • Governors’ Presentation Awards are made to a pupil on entering the school in recognition of talent and potential which might develop into the eventual award of a Scholarship or Exhibition.


Levels of awards

  • Scholarships are worth £300 per annum. In addition, Music Scholars will receive free tuition for one instrument from a teacher employed by the school.
  • Exhibitions are worth £200 per annum.
  • An All-Rounder Award is worth £300 per annum.
  • A Governors’ Presentation Award offers a reduction of £500 in the first year of fees.

There is no financial assessment when allocating these awards.


Honorary Scholarships and Exhibitions

Honorary Awards carry considerable esteem within the school, and to wider communities such as universities, although they do not have a financial value. In certain circumstances these are awarded to existing pupils at 13+ and 16+ who have progressed in the school to such a standard that their achievements merit wider recognition.

In order to maximise financial efficiency and educational benefit, no pupil may hold more than one Scholarship or Exhibition bringing with it financial recompense: the second and any subsequent award will always be Honorary.

Awards available by age and year group

Awards are available for students at 11+, 13+ and 16+ entry.

At 11+ (Year 7 entry)

Scholarships, Exhibitions, All-Rounder Awards and Governors’ Presentation Awards are all awarded on the basis of performance in our 11+ entrance examinations. All awards are equally open to external candidates and members of the MCS Junior School, and no application is necessary.

At 13+ (Year 9)

Academic Scholarships

For those educated at Preparatory Schools, these are awarded by competitive examination, taking place in the Hilary term. For applicants from schools in the maintained sector, these are awarded on the basis of our own 13+ entrance examination which takes place in February each year. No application is necessary.

All-Rounder Awards and Governors’ Presentations Awards 

These are also made each year, on the basis of performance in the Common Entrance Pre-test or 13+ entrance examinations.

Art, Music and Sport Scholarships

These become available at 13+ to both external and internal applicants. Application forms are available from the Registrar or can be downloaded on the how to apply page and must be returned to the Registrar by Friday 7th January 2022.

  • In Art, all candidates submit a portfolio, and shortlisted pupils attend a scholarship
  • In Music, all candidates are auditioned and should currently not be of less than Grade VI
    standard in at least one instrument.
  • In Sport, applicants should be of County standard in at least one sport, and are invited to
    the school for an assessment day.

It is expected that some of those internally elected to Scholarships at this stage may previously
have held All-Rounder or Governors’ Presentation Awards.

At 16+ (Year 12)

External candidates

Academic Scholarships are awarded on the basis of our standard admissions procedure for Sixth Form applicants. They are conditional on GCSE performance and are awarded at the start of the Michaelmas term in the Lower Sixth.

All-Rounder and Governors’ Presentation Awards and Art, Music and Sport Awards operate exactly as outlined as at 13+, save that in Music awards are sub-divided into Choral, Instrumental and Organ Scholarships. Drama Awards are also offered at 16+.

Further details and application forms can be downloaded from the How to Apply table and must be returned to the Registrar by Monday 1st November 2021 for Art, Drama and Sport and by Friday 7th January 2022 for Music.

Internal candidates

Current Fifth Form pupils are recommended for Art, Music and Sport Scholarships by departmental heads at the end of the Trinity term, without any need for application. These awards are honorary and are announced at the start of the Michaelmas term of the Lower Sixth.

Current MCS Fifth Form pupils can apply for Drama Scholarships.



How to apply

Scholarship 13+ 16+
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