Our aim is to develop a lifelong love of learning and our curriculum unashamedly reflects this. We aim for high academic standards, embrace challenge and make our lessons enjoyable.

Magdalen College Junior School teaching staff are dedicated to providing the perfect backdrop for achieving this. We ensure that pupils are grounded firmly in the basics and are all given time to develop their talents, interests and skills in a curriculum that offers specialism and balance.

Our unique blueprint is combining a strong academic calibre with one that is not afraid to pursue pupils’ interests via our inspirational Activities Afternoon or via our comprehensive club system.

We are also able to draw on the impressive facilities and resources of our Senior School and offer a full and varied Modern Foreign Languages programme, which includes the opportunity to learn Mandarin, German and Spanish.

The opportunities on offer here can seem limitless. The school has a remarkable tradition of high achievement, which is reflected in the multitude of extension and enrichment activities, tasks and trips.

Pupils are encouraged to take risks and to think critically across the whole of our curriculum. We encourage pupils to take an active part in our lessons whilst promoting collaboration, valuing independence, and encouraging boys to ‘get stuck’ and ‘fail better’. Our school prides itself in having a strong network of support and provision, which means that we cater for the needs of all our pupils.

It is a joy to have the opportunity to work with so many sharp, inquiring minds. It is a privilege to be able to do so in the backdrop of one of the most incredible cities in the world. It is also a privilege to be entrusted with so many boys who need time and opportunities to express themselves and make their own mark in the world.

Please take the opportunity to come and visit our place of learning by attending one of our Open Events