Insight into Teaching

The school participates in the Insight Into Teaching scheme organised by the Careers Department of the University of Oxford.

This scheme allows current students of the university to visit the school for three days to experience what life as a teacher is like. Participants have the opportunity to:

  • observe lessons
  • talk to colleagues
  • try their hand at teaching or team-teaching some lessons.

Visits usually take place towards the end of the Hilary term, but the school is always interested to hear from those who would like to arrange a visit at a different time and will host up to twenty visits annually.

Waynflete Academics

Each year the school employs a number of graduate or post-doctoral students who are looking to find temporary or part-time employment in the secondary education sector.

These ‘Waynflete Academics’ (named after the school founder) assist with academic or extracurricular activities and bring their up-to-date, scholarly and expert knowledge to our pupil body. A motivating presence, they are a source of inspiration for our pupils to achieve the highest standards.

Waynflete Academic posts may be in any subject or extra-curricular activity subject to demand and can be for periods of time ranging from one morning or afternoon per week to full-time employment, and may be from one month to one year in duration.

Most appointments are for one half-day or the equivalent of one full day per week for the whole school year.

Waynflete Teaching Certificate

The school runs its own teacher training scheme which is open to those employed as teachers for advertised vacancies and who do not already possess a teaching qualification. The Waynflete Teaching Certificate course comprises two parts, and is completed over a minimum of two years. The second part of the course leads to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

Partial certification is possible for those who complete only one year of the course.

The aim is to offer trainee teachers the opportunity to develop their teaching craft and reflect on their professional experiences though a structured programme of training, and to support them in becoming excellent practitioners.

There is no fee for Part I of the course. Part II involves a certification fee of approximately £2500 (which varies year on year) of which the School expects to contribute 50%.

In the past three years, nine graduates employed by the school as an intern or on the Waynflete Teaching Certificate scheme have gone on to obtain full-time teaching or Head of Department posts at MCS or in other leading schools. Further information can be obtained from the Deputy Head (Education Development) by e-mailing the Recruitment Officer, Mrs Sarah Hunter: