From 31 August to 14 September, a group of Young OW callers will be phoning OWs and Friends, raising funds for bursaries here at MCS, as well as catching up with the entire MCS community.

Contributions from OWs, parents and Friends make a big difference to MCS, both in supporting current pupils and in securing MCS’s future.

Regular gifts in particular provide a dependable source of income for the school, supporting bursaries, hardship funds, buildings and activities which enrich the educational experience of our pupils.

MCS recognises the generosity of all donors. The real strength of our fundraising programme is that so many people choose to be a part of it.

For young people who could flourish at MCS, the bursary programmes offer the potential to study here. A key goal of the school is to keep current pupils at MCS, and to be able to extend the same financial support to future cohorts. Below, MCS bursary recipients tell their stories.

We hope you will consider making a gift towards bursaries at MCS as part of our telephone campaign. Please visit to make your gift and learn more about the ways you can support MCS.



Meet our callers

Our young OW callers are looking forward to speaking to you. Learn more about their time at MCS below.

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OW 2021
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Ben R
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Ben W
OW 2018

We believe in fairly reimbursing our OW callers so that they have the opportunity to experience a hard-working and fair workplace. For this reason, they are employed by MCS and guided by Buffalo, our fundraising contractors. However, 100% of your gift will go towards the purpose you specify.