MCS aims to support applications from boys and girls who believe they have considerable sporting potential and who would thrive on the combination of a first-class academic and sporting education.

Sports scholarships are available at 16+ to both external and internal applicants. For full details and an application form, please click the button below. Applications must be returned to the Registrar by Friday 10th January 2020.


Sport Scholars and Exhibitioners require:

  • a genuine love of sport
  • speed, agility, balance and co-ordination
  • sound understanding of tactical and technical aspects of the game
  • a positive attitude to training and open-minded approach to coaching.

In return, Award holders enjoy:

  • top level coaching
  • access to strength and conditioning programmes
  • use of video analysis
  • broad opportunities for a variety of sporting involvement
  • a genuine interest in pupil development through individual mentoring.


Candidates will be encouraged to show particular potential in at least one of MCS’s Focus Sports.
These are: Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Cricket and Tennis, however, outstanding expertise in any sphere of sport will be considered. Candidates able to offer ability in a combination of sports are encouraged to apply, as are those who have outstanding potential in one sport.

At 16+ these awards are about potential, but we would expect candidates to have a good understanding of their first-choice sport and to be excelling in this area. Those wishing to be considered for the scholarship award should be:

  • capable of playing for two years in an MCS 1st Team for their chosen sport
  • capable of playing to at least county standard in their first-choice sport
  • ambitious to play sport beyond MCS and to have already shown a commitment to this