Performance & Participation

MCS’s sports programme has two specific aims, which work alongside each other – Performance and Participation.

The Performance side of the programme is designed to promote excellence and encourage success within our competitive sides. Recent team examples include winning the Team Schools Tennis Championships in Bolton for the second year, the Girls 1st XI winning the county title in 2018. We are keen to support individual success too as pupils have represented county, regional and national teams showing the depth of talent throughout the school.

The Participation aim is to ensure that there are as many people playing sport as possible and that the experience is fun, enjoyable and inclusive. Every pupil has the opportunity to represent the school in competitive fixtures throughout the year. As can be seen in the table below, we have an impressive number of pupils representing the school and hope to increase this over the coming years. We look to develop a life-long love of sport where pupils carry on playing at university and beyond.

MCS is developing a reputation as one of the most competitive sporting schools in the area


MCS is able to provide fantastic experience in its coaching staff. Sport professionals supplement the highly qualified full-time department. The sports department has grown significantly in the past few years and provides a depth of programme that is second to none. Please have a look at our staff profiles to find out more.