From 31 August to 14 September, a group of YOW callers will be phoning OWs and Friends, raising funds for bursaries here at MCS, as well as catching up with the entire MCS community.

Should you have questions about making a gift or wish to discuss anything related to supporting MCS, please contact the Waynflete Office at 01865 253 499 or



“The best reason for giving was when people donated to the bursary fund as they had benefitted from bursaries or the direct grant system when they were at school. This was heart-warming as it showed their appreciation of MCS, and they felt like they should give back to the school.”

Alex McCulloch, caller for the 2017 telethon (OW 2015)

Contributions from OWs, parents and Friends make a big difference to MCS, both in supporting current pupils and in securing MCS’s future.

Regular gifts in particular provide a dependable source of income for the school, supporting bursaries, hardship funds, buildings and activities which enrich the educational experience of our pupils.

MCS recognises the generosity of all donors. The real strength of our fundraising programme is that so many people choose to be a part of it.

OW 2012 and bursary recipient
Becca Brooks

An LSE graduate, Becca is now a teacher in West London, citing the stellar teaching at MCS as the motivation for her vocation as a teacher. Becca joined MCS in 2010 as part of the first co-educational 6th form cohort, and received £10,000 each year of her studies at MCS in bursaries.


“I left MCS in 2012 to study Government with History at LSE. I can’t imagine that I would have chosen this degree if it hadn’t been for the amazing Politics A Level teaching at MCS- Politics wasn’t a subject on offer at my previous school- and I certainly wouldn’t have had the confidence to apply to LSE without this focused education. In 2017, I started on the TeachFirst scheme, and in 2019 took up a position at Ravenscourt Park Preparatory school, where I’ve since been promoted to Head of History.

I gained so much from my time at MCS. Firstly, my confidence grew so much because of my time at MCS. Through being encouraged to challenge my view points and to think critically, I gained the confidence to apply to LSE.

Secondly, it was the teaching at MCS that inspired me to train as a teacher through TeachFirst. The education I had received at MCS had been life-changing, and I felt that the TeachFirst scheme, which pivots around the belief that education must be open to all, was a way to give back. When I was at MCS I was so inspired by the love and dedication the teachers had for their subjects. This enthusiasm was a source of inspiration and motivation for us students to achieve. As a teacher, I want to inspire children in the way that I was inspired at MCS, and I want to pass on that infectious love of learning to others.

Finally, this confidence, and the drive and determination that I gained at MCS, have meant that I now won’t let social barriers stop me from doing something. This means that I am now more confident when it comes to applying for jobs and promotions.”

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