“You are now, and will be for the rest of your life, a member of Magdalen College School. In joining the School therefore, you have joined it for life, and henceforth it is your School. You are part of it and it is part of you.”

An extract from the New Pupils booklet from the 1950s, which the Master reads from in our Welcome Service

MCS is hugely fortunate to be a close-knit school community made up of current pupils and parents as well as Old Waynfletes, former parents and friends – all of whom are so generous with their time and expertise.

Old Waynfletes keep in touch and meet for events throughout the year, the high point being the annual black tie dinner. Recent leavers are invited back for a ‘Young OW Curry lunch’ in September before they head off to university. Those who left more than 40 years ago come back for a Veteran OW lunch in November. There are numerous other opportunities to visit and reconnect with old friends and teachers throughout the course of the year.

Support for the OWs is provided by the Waynflete Office,  which aims to keep OWs informed of news from MCS and services available to them. These include:

  • An annual OW magazine – The Bridge – with news and stories about fellow OWs and MCS both today and in years gone by. Don’t forget to send us your own news.
  • Information on this website, with News, Publications and information about Events.
  • Regular e-newsletters, with updates on various activities and events for OWs held throughout the year ranging from the Arts Festival, Commemoration, Madrigals and the OW Dinner to sports activities and musical performances.
  • Help from the Waynflete Office so that you can get back in touch with lost friends.
  • Help and careers networking opportunities via the Waynflete Office
  • Social media groups and news on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Obituaries of OWs in The Bridge and on the website here.

For parents of Old Waynfletes, we offer similar links through the Friends of MCS.

We hope very much that many of you will keep in touch. We are always delighted to welcome OWs and Friends back to MCS.