MCS was informed that Tim had passed away on 7 April 2012.

‘Tim’ grew up in Oxford with his father Leslie, his mother Kay and his two brothers Bill and John. Tim was the youngest.

After primary school he was educated at New College School from 1952 until 1957, and at Magdalen College School which he attended from 1957 until 1962.

From MCS he gained entrance to St Andrews University, Scotland, where, between 1962 and 1965, he studied botany, zoology, astronomy and moral philosophy. He finished with an excellent degree and a ticking off from the police for ‘borrowing’ a mannequin from a shop window and dancing her down St Andrews main street!

In 1967 after leaving university he joined AC Nielsen, Market Researchers, where he stayed until his early retirement.

After leaving University and prior to meeting his wife Shirley he fathered three children Simon, Jamie and Kate. Tim and Shirley lived in Yarnton, Oxfordshire, and had five children together: Lucy, Lisa, Paul, Ethan and Chloe.

After his retirement from Nielsens, Tim and Shirley set up and ran the successful cleaning business ‘Penneys’ which quickly grew in size and reputation. It is now being run by Shirley and the children.