(October 1954 – 14 September 2020)

Simon left Oxford in 1975 to go to college in Cheshire and then Leeds to complete a BA in Communications, Arts and Media. He was based in Leeds all his working life apart from a recent brief time of living and working in Bath.

He started work in the graphic arts alongside exhibition work, eventually he joined a company now called Communisis where with the advent of the Apple Mac, Simon helped introduce the technology into his company. He moved into a computer-based role and lately took up a more consultancy role as the company moved into communications and manufacturing.

He married Liz in 1981 having met her at college in Cheshire. They had two children and set up home in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Simon had a deep faith and became a Reader in the Church of England as well as serving in the hospital chaplaincy and with local charities. He became interested in the healing work of God and supported mission work in India.

During their time in Bath Simon rekindled his love of Rugby and was a frequent visitor to The Rec.

Simon was a quiet, funny, loyal and generous man, he is survived by his wife and two children along with three young adored grandsons.