Obituary written by Chris Swann (OW 1955-63), son of Peter and Nancy Swann.

Nancy Swann, widow of History and Cricket Master Peter (‘Tam’) Swann, passed away in 2008, aged 93. Old Waynfletes may remember her teaching them on the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme, and stopping the chattering of terrified teeth during the last days of the Cuba Crisis in 1962 by the liberal distribution of extremely sticky toffees.

She was also an enthusiastic follower of cricket, and in particular of the fortunes of Tam’s team ‘The Sunday Cygnets’. Their flag was of her making, she often scored for them, and organised the memorable annual Cygnets’ Parties.

Nancy played her part in many aspects of the life of MCS, including making costumes for drama productions, helping with the catering for home matches, and always providing a ‘home’ in Woodstock Road for boys and masters who fell ill and needed TLC in their recovery.

She and Tam moved to Saltburn in the then North Riding in 1963 to join Sam Mainwaring who had left MCS to become Head of The Manor School, and after Tam’s death in 1969 she moved to Scarborough. When her son Christopher suggested that the severe North East Coast winters might be getting a bit much for her, she moved again to Dorchester, near Thomas Hardy’s house. She had no sooner moved than she was snowed in for a week!

Nancy retained to the end vivid memories of the happy years at MCS and of the cricketers, fencers, actors and others, as well as members of staff and their wives.