Colonel Julian Starmer-Smith, OBE, passed away on 21st December 2018, aged 76. His widow, Ann Starmer-Smith, provided the following obituary.

After attending MCS Julian went to Sandhurst Military Academy and in 1963 was commissioned into the Royal Artillery where he rose to the rank of Colonel. He was also attached to Special Forces where he was both a Commando and Para and he later returned to Sandhurst as a Company Commander. Julian served in Northern Ireland, Borneo, Aden and The Falklands as well as commanding the Belize Defence Force. He was also responsible for deployment of all NATO Special Forces on the northern flank during his time in Norway.

Julian was an accomplished and competitive sportsman playing rugby, cricket and squash as well as enjoying downhill and cross country skiing.

In later life Julian moved to Petersfield, where he enjoyed participation in the local community and gardening, having finally stopped playing sport well into his 60’s. He was a keen Rotarian and Chair of Governors for the local school. Whatever he did was carried out with boundless enthusiasm.

He spent the last few years battling with his health, but the time prior to that was definitely a life well lived.