Jonathan Forrest (MCS 1971-1977) died in May 2019.

His time at MCS fostered his talent for leadership; he served as Librarian and Head of School. It also laid the foundations for loyal and patient friendships enduring for over four decades; all three fellow members of the recorder quartet formed at MCS spoke at Jonathan’s funeral.

He went on to study Geography at Teddy Hall in Oxford, and then after a short spell in the corporate world took an MBA from Cranfield. After six years in banking at Citibank he realised that helping others was what he really wanted to do and his subsequent career took him to senior management positions in charitable organisations including Action Aid, The Parnham Trust, Inforce Foundation, the Royal Veterinary College and the RVC Animal Care Trust. While charming the rich, the great and the good in his fund-raising mission, his focus was on the benefits that his organisations delivered to those in need. His father had been Bursar at University College, and through an intermingling of serendipity and predestiny, Jonathan’s last post before his illness saw him return to Oxford as Finance and Estates Bursar at Worcester College.

His friends will remember him with enduring affection as a kind, gentle and humble man.

He is survived by his wife Jill and their three children Joseph, Matilda and Sam.