MCS was informed that Christopher had passed away on 24 November 2010.

Christopher spent most of his working life as a civil servant in the Department of Transport, in the section dealing with motorway maintenance. He was half-Scot, and after retirement moved up to Scotland and lived in the small fishing village of Johnshaven between Aberdeen and Montrose, where he became much involved in the local community and was held in great affection.

He died, aged 66, in a road accident near his home during the blizzard conditions in late November 2010, while having to walk along a dark unlit road through heavy snowfall, his bus having had to alter its route.

He was interested in the latest things electronic and was brilliant at crosswords. He had a wide range of knowledge, and amongst his most recent purchases were the penguin Classics translations of the Histories of Herodotus and the Natural History Pliny the Elder.

Written by his brother, WB Cook (Master MCS 1972-91)