MCS was informed by Gillian Saunders, the wife of Andrew Saunders, that he passed away on 1 March 2009, aged 77.

Obituary written by Colonel Hickey (OW 1939-47):

Andrew entered the school as a chorister in 1940. Always fascinated by history in any form, he announced at the age of ten that he would become an archaeologist. On leaving school and after National Service he went up to Magdalen College to read History. Such was his application and love of his subject that he became an Inspector of Ancient Monuments at the age of only 34. He was universally recognised as an authority on Britain’s coastal fortifications and his monographs on their history, extending back to the middle ages, won high acclaim.

In 1973 he became Chief Inspector of Ancient Monuments and Historic Buildings. His influence beyond his own department was extensive and indeed international. In the words of hisTimes obituary: ‘Many people beyond his immediate professional colleagues owe Saunders a great debt. A kindly man, seemingly shy and diffident on occasions he was always willing to share his views, considerable practicable and academic knowledge and he gave quiet encouragement, help and advice to all who asked’.