Over the centuries, MCS has produced many distinguished OWs. Here, Tom Piper (OW 1983) installs 50 of the poppies he created in the Dining Hall to commemorate Old Waynfletes who fell in the World Wars. Click the links below to read more about a selection of other notable OWs.

Sir Felix Aylmer
John Anwykyll
English stage and screen actor
English schoolmaster and grammarian
Thomas Bickley
Basil Blackwell
Robin Blaze
John Bowers
Bishop of Chichester and royal chaplain to Edward IV
Bookseller and publisher
Bishop of Thetford
John Caird
William Camden
Christopher Chavasse
Noel Chavasse
Thomas Cooper
Sir Henry John Stedman Cotton
Sir Arthur Ernest Cowley
English stage director and writer of plays, musicals and operas
Antiquary and historian
British athlete, soldier and religious leader
Army medical officer and holder of two Victoria crosses
Master of MCS and bishop
Member of the Bengal Civil Service and MP for East Nottingham
Orientalist and librarian, Master of MCS
Sir Edgeworth David
Sir Walter Davidson
Naturalist, lecturer and explorer of the Antarctic
Governor of New South Wales in the latter stages of WWI
Edward Ellerton
Sir Vernon Ellis
Master of MCS and founder of many university scholarships
Chair of the British Council
Henry John Horstman Fenton
John Foxe
Accepted Frewen
British chemist who invented Fenton’s reagent
President of Magdalen College and committed evangelist
Priest, Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University and Archbishop of York
Misha Glenny
Ben Goldacre
Douglas Goldring
Sir Richard Gozney
John Richard Green
Journalist and foreign correspondent
Doctor, academic, campaigner and writer
British writer and journalist
British diplomat
Rob Hamilton
John Harley
Jim Hawker
The Rt Rev Edward Lee Hicks
Ian Hodder
Ezekiel Hopkins
Lawrence Humphrey
Sir Tim Hunt
Entrepreneur, founder of Instant Offices, angel investor
Royal chaplain and Bishop of Hereford, Master of MCS
Founder, digital media agency and top PR guru
Anglican priest, author and Bishop of Lincoln
Author and professor of archaeology
Usher at MCS, Anglican divine in the Church of Ireland and Bishop of Derry
Dean of Gloucester and Winchester, President of Magdalen College
Scientist and Nobel Prize winner
Martin Jones Pianist
Jeremy R Knowles Professor of Chemistry
The Rt Rev Arthur Thomas Lloyd
Charles Lonsdale
Anglican Bishop
British diplomat
Sam Mendes
Sir Thomas More
English stage and film director
Henry VIII’s chancellor and martyr
Ivor Novello Composer of musicals and stage and screen actor
Julian Opie
William Orchard
Master mason and chief architect of Oxford between 1460 and 1500
John Parkhurst
John Parsons
Christopher Peacocke
Thomas Pierce
John Piers
Tom Piper
Austin Lane Poole
Bishop of Norwich
Academic, Master of Balliol College, Oxford, and Bishop of Peterborough
British philosopher
President of Magdalen College and Dean of Salisbury
Bishop of Rochester and Salisbury and Archbishop of York
Theatre designer who designed the Tower of London poppy display in 2014
British medievalist
William Reeve
Jim Rosenthal
Entrepreneur, founder of LOVEFiLM and Secret Escapes
Sports presenter on British television
John Stanbridge
Nigel Starmer-Smith
John Stokesley
Author of a series of educational books, second Master of MCS
British rugby union journalist and commentator
Usher, English church leader and Catholic Bishop of London
William Tyndale Priest and scholar
William Waynflete
Tom Wheare
Thomas Whythorne
Kenneth G Wilson
Sir Richard Olaf Winstedt
Cardinal Wolsey
Will Wyatt
Bishop of Winchester, Lord Chancellor and founder of MCS
English schoolmaster and head teacher
English composer
Theoretical Physicist and Nobel Prize winner
English orientalist and colonial administrator
Lord Chancellor to King Henry VIII
Media consultant, journalist and television producer


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