Arcadia was thankfully able to go ahead as planned and played to large and highly appreciative audiences in the Novello Room. This was a Sixth Form play directed expertly by Georgie Hildick-Smith.

The text is notoriously difficult so this was an excellent choice for our older actors, who rose wonderfully to the challenge. With the action flitting between the modern-day and Regency England – conveying the two worlds convincingly is a vital part of the story. Hugo and Alessia  set us off to a fine start with some lovely nuanced dialogue, hitting the right notes of formality with a flirtatious sub-text. Dounia, Isaac, Oliver and Archie added some wonderful character performances to the Regency scenes, extracting every ounce of humour from their badinage.

In the modern world, the high-octane academic sparring between Thomas and Bella made thoroughly compelling watching, with Michael adding a brilliantly convincing layer of incomprehensible maths-speak as Valentine. Clara flitted winsomely in and out of the action as the love-struck Chloe, while Davey (the youngest member of the cast) held his own admirably as the rather serious younger brother who becomes one of Stoppard’s clever crossing points between the ages.

John and Tom provided sensitive sound and lighting accompaniment. Congratulations go to everyone involved on a superb performance of this modern classic.