Our pastoral system is designed to ensure the welfare and happiness of every pupil.

  • The six houses are each drawn from a different geographical area.
  • Pupils see their Tutor or Housemaster at least twice a day.
  • The whole school meets daily in Chapel.
  • Pupils can see the Master without appointment.

The day is devised to maximise the contribution which home life can make in the learning process.

There are three sections of the school:

  • Lower School (Second and Third Forms - Years 7 and 8)
  • Middle School (Lower Fourth, Upper Fourth and Fifth Forms - Years 9 to 11)
  • Sixth Forms (Years 12 and 13).

Each section has a Head of Section with overall responsibility for pastoral welfare.

There is also a School Medical Officer and three matrons (Senior Matron Sue King, matron Emma-Jayne Muir, and Anita Foster matron and mental health practitioner - pictured right) in the medical centre and sick bay who are always on hand if a child is unwell, injures themselves or needs to talk. They are also able to refer the student to the school councillors as well as to external help. Beyond this, the Chaplain plays a significant pastoral role in the students' lives as he is always happy to listen and chat.

Learning Support

Many pupils need extra help with particular aspects of their learning at some stage in their school career.

We place a high priority on providing the best possible support for pupils with special educational needs, including:

  • close communication between tutors, parents and teachers
  • regular assessment and testing
  • screening of Junior School boys in year 5
  • provision for assessment by an Educational Psychologist
  • one-to-one teaching sessions as necessary
  • support from specialist subject teachers and outside agencies
  • Individual Education Plans for all pupils on the Learning Support roll.