(4 June 1944 – 10 February 2016)

Born on June 4 1944 to Charles and Etta Gullick, Dr Charles John Montgomery Rowley Gullick passed away in Durham on February 10 2016. After MCS he went on to gain  a DPhil in Anthropology, following his Bachelors degree in Anthropology, Oxford University, in 1969. He latterly gained a Master of Arts in Management from Leeds University 1999, as well as being Visiting fellow, Smithsonian, Washington, 1976, and Visiting Professor, University Kansas, in 1983. He was lecturer at the University of Durham from 1976. Whilst at Oxford he became interested in Ethnology and had a particular interest in Carribbean and later developed a course linking ethnology and business. He also developed a love for folklore which he incorporated in to his teaching. He married Mary Canning in 1969 and they had 2 children, Stephen and John.