The school was informed that Dick passed away peacefully at home on 1 March 2015, his 90th birthday.

Hon OW John Harrop provided the following obituary:

Dick left school in 1943 and immediately joined the RAF. He trained as a pilot in the United States, returning in late 1944. He was detached from his squadron to become a glider pilot for the Rhine crossing because the Army had lost so many pilots at Arnhem. In the event the glider force wasn’t used on the Rhine. At the end of the war Dick reverted to flying duties on fast jets until grounded by tuberculosis. Given the choice of changing branch or leaving the RAF Dick volunteered for parachute training and then had a distinguished career in that arm. While commanding parachute training at Changi he was called on to attempt to find if there were any survivors of a plane crash in the Malayan jungle. He led a group of 12 parachute instructors and SAS men on a hazardous drop into dense jungle with 200 foot trees, the men encumbered with containers. Fortunately all landed with no more than cuts and bruises. Four survivors were found and Dick and his men created a small clearing in the jungle to facilitate a helicopter evacuation. For this exploit he was awarded the AFC.

Later he commanded the Parachute Training School at RAF Abingdon in the rank of Wing Commander. He was extremely helpful to the school RAF Section which I ran at the time. He allowed us to do all the ground training and the fan and outdoor lines though we only got to jump off the fan. He also arranged for the Free Fall team to land on school field, quite a highlight of the term. A few years later another OW, Fred Marshall, commanded the PTS and repeated the school field drop. Fred was at Dick’s funeral with one or two other OWs, Richard Kelly, Tony Wyatt and Mick Simmie. On retiring from the RAF Dick worked with Buckell and Ballard for four years and then with Manches solicitors. He was a very keen hockey player and golfer and enjoyed walking, particularly in Scotland. He used to attend OW functions including the VOW lunch.

Dick is survived by his wife Karin and son Paul (OW 1968).