Charitable Partnerships

Charity plays an increasing role in school life at MCS. Each year, the school votes to select a local charity to support alongside our partnership school in Uganda, and every year group is involved in fundraising.

The school’s charity committee organises regular events to raise money and to boost engagement across the school. Numerous staff and students take the initiative to do their own fundraising: from sponsored marathons, macarenas, and unicycle rides, to staff concerts, pupil-led talent shows, and House quizzes.  Charity at MCS is varied and exciting.

Over the year, we welcome representatives from our charities to speak in Chapel, which helps to promote the charities’ vital work. In addition to the money donated for the school’s charities, each Christmas every Houseroom collects a box of the items urgently needed by Homeless Oxfordshire over the winter months – a much-needed reminder for us all of the basic items that so many people go without.

Through sustained support for our elected charities and the promotion of voluntary work, we hope to instill in our pupils an awareness of the importance of supporting the wider community and to develop in them a desire to be involved in socially conscious action, both in life at school and in their lives beyond.

Magdalen College School has a long history of supporting the work of charities close to its heart, and is delighted to have launched a partnership with Mustardseed Junior School in Sentema, Uganda.

Read about how the first MCS Founders’ Day raised £26,600 towards Mustardseed with the 1480 Challenge.

Last year, we raised:

Total funds raised for our partner primary school Mustardseed
Money raised for Helen & Douglas House

Our Partner School: Mustardseed Junior School, Uganda

Mustardseed Junior School will open its doors to pupils in June 2021, and raising money for the school and its pupils remains a core focus of our charitable activity as a school.

Donate to Mustardseed School

Our Local Charity: Helen & Douglas House, Oxford

We are delighted to be supporting Helen & Douglas House this year. Based in East Oxford, Helen & Douglas House started life in November 1982, when Helen House and the children’s hospice movement was founded by Sister Frances Dominica. As the world’s first children’s hospice, Helen House has gone on to inspire 49 others across the UK and around the world. They provide hospice care for babies and children in Oxfordshire and surrounding counties, helping terminally ill patients live life to the full, even when that life is short.

The MCS community are raising funds to support this via the 2020 Challenge, fun activities and events trying to redefine and reclaim 2020 for good. From 20.2km runs, cycles, and walks, to 20 press-ups on 20 tors on Dartmoor, or 2020 sit-ups, the school’s efforts have meant that we have managed to raise over £2020! It is a beautiful coincidence at present, and the challenge continues until the end of November.  

Donate to Helen & Douglas House