2017 A-Level and GCSE Results

MCS is celebrating another year of exceptional A-Level and GCSE results. 


  • 97.4% A*-B
  • 82.1% A*-A
  • 41.3% A*
  • Particular success in STEM subjects
  • 29 pupils achieved 3 A*s and above


  • A record 84.4% A* (inc 8 and 9)
  • 96.7% A*-A (inc 7, 8 and 9)
  • 32 boys achieved straight A*s (year group of 99)
  • 75% of pupils gained 8 A*s or better
  • Record STEM results with A* grades over 90% in all subjects
  • Record year for Classics: Latin and Greek 100% A*


Master Helen Pike said, “This delightful group of pupils contributed so much to school life and the wider community, so I am particularly delighted at their success. Given that this is the first cohort to be marked on the new linear system, these results are all the more remarkable.”

Individual successes include:

  • Maarten Elgar, who achieved a remarkable 6 A*s and a place at LSE
  • Zach Nairac, with a terrific clean sweep of 5 A*s across the sciences to read Engineering at Oxford
  • William Green achieved an impressive 4 A*s and a place at Cambridge
  • Eleanor Lee, also with 4 A*s, goes on to read Architecture
  • Leah Tillmann-Morris has 4 A*s and will be reading PPE at Oxford, Maria Calinescu achived 4 A*s and will read English, and Pippa Duckett seals her place at Jesus College to study Physics on the back of 3 A*s and an A
  • Other 4 A* pupils include Wenchen Gu, Saahil Jayawant, Varna Khaitan, Ivo Leonard and Yinglai Wu


Master Helen Pike said, “MCS is celebrating some exceptional results this year, and I could not be more happy for this delightful year group. Of course, these results are testament to the hard work of pupils and teachers, and to the support of parents. I look forward to all that these boys will contribute to the School and the wider world as Sixth Formers.”

Detailed exam results for 2017. (Detailed results for 2016.)

The school's most recent inspection report can be found here.

Destinations 2017

Although the University destination table for the last thirteen years shows Cambridge and Oxford as the two of the most popular destinations, pupils opt for a healthy mix of institutions, selecting those which best suit their needs.

Higher education and GAP year guidance begins at the half-way point in the Lower Sixth. It includes Coursefinder questionnaires, a Higher Education Evening, and a comprehensive programme of internal talks and seminars.

Click here for a list of 2017 Leavers' university destinations and subjects.

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