Pastoral care is extremely important in the MCS Junior School. Pupils are encouraged to think of the school as a family, and every possible effort is made to encourage them to feel part of this community.

The Junior School operates a House system, with many opportunities to collaborate across year groups. New pupils are paired with a 'buddy', to help them to settle in during their first few weeks. 

There is a balance of male and female tutors, and the school matrons are always available to talk to pupils who seek another listener. The matrons (Senior Matron Sue King, matron Emma-Jayne Muir, and Anita Foster matron and mental health practitioner - pictured right) are always available to listen and are on hand if a pupil feels unwell or injures themselves. They are able to refer students to the school councillors and external resources where applicable.

A School Council also meets regularly and access to the full range of Learning Support facilities is available.