William Waynflete founded Magdalen College School in 1480. Coming from humble origins, he was determined that others of ability should be able to learn, to flourish and to serve as he had.

Today, we are one of the UK’s leading schools and respected worldwide. Our modern roots as Oxford’s grammar school have kept us true to Waynflete’s ideals. But MCS could not be the school it is without the generosity of its supporters.

We know that our success is secured by five factors:

  • The excellence and diversity of the pupil body
  • Being able to attract the very best teachers
  • Being a leading place and voice in our extraordinary city and the wider world
  • Creating facilities that enable the best education
  • A sustainable and diverse economic model

The first of these five is critical to Waynflete’s ideals.  Read more about our diversity of excellence here:



There are many ways in which you can support MCS.



With financial support:

Make a singular or regular gift

Join the 1480 Society

Leave a gift in your will

We can also suggest tax efficient ways of giving


If you would like to offer your time, expertise, or have items to give the MCS Archive:

Have a look at our page on ways to get involved.


Your support really does have an impact as we illustrate in The Impact of Giving.

As William Waynflete might have said:

Fructibus fruatur donandi donator

May the benefactor enjoy the fruits of their gift