MCS could not be the school that it is today without the generosity of generations of its supporters. Nevertheless, unlike several schools in its peer group, MCS does not benefit from a permanent endowment. Over the centuries, periodic appeals and campaigns have transformed MCS.

Read our Donor Reports 2017-18,  2016-17, 2015-16 and 2014-15 for information about recent giving to MCS.

How Can You Help?

If you have items relating to MCS that you no longer want, please consider giving them to the School Archives.

We are also pleased to receive ‘gifts in kind’. Musical instruments and art materials are examples of such gifts which have been donated to the School in the past.

MCS is hugely fortunate to have a community that is generous with time and expertise. We always welcome offers of assistance with careers, through advice, networking, internships and more. We also have a thriving series of talks, both for pupils and for the wider community. Still others act as Waynflete tutors to Lower Sixth pupils working on their Waynflete projects. We welcome all such offers of support. Please contact the Waynflete Office if you would like to volunteer your expertise.

You can make a financial donation either as a one-off gift or spread out into monthly, quarterly or annual instalments. To give an example of the power of such regular giving, if 20 people each gave £30 per month for a year, with Gift Aid that would be £9,000 – the equivalent of a 50% bursary for one pupil for a year. You can make a single donation to support a variety of areas at MCS by clicking here. Alternatively, you can download a form to make a regular gift to MCS.

Both regular and single gifts can be made to a registered charity such as MCS in a tax efficient way by completing a Gift Aid declaration. Gift Aid enables MCS to claim an additional 25% from the Government for your gift at no extra cost to you. Higher-rate taxpayers can themselves claim tax relief on their gross donation when completing their annual Self Assessment tax return. Please complete the Gift Aid declaration when giving either online or with a donation form.

If you are based in North America, there are still tax-efficient ways of giving.

Giving in the United States: We work with the British Schools and Universities Fund (BSUF) in the US. You can give via BSUF, either online or by sending them a cheque. Please ensure that you make your cheque out to BSUF in US dollars stating a preference at the bottom of the cheque for Magdalen College School, Oxford, and let them know if you would particularly like to support new Buildings or Bursaries. Please download a BSUF Gift Form and send it with your cheque to ensure they have all the necessary information.

Giving in Canada: We work with CAF Canada for our Canadian donors. You can make an online gift via CAF Canada (and their partner Canada Helps). If you would like to donate via cheque, please download a CAF Canada Gift Form and send along with your donation.

Please contact the Waynflete Office if you would like further information about giving via BSUF or CAF Canada.

Some companies offer another form of tax-efficient giving: payroll or matched Giving. Payroll Giving is deducted from your salary before tax, with the result that each pound that you give will cost you 80p (or 60p for higher-rate tax payers). Many companies also offer a Matched Giving scheme. Rates vary according to your company, but could in some cases treble your donation. Contact the Waynflete Office for further information on either of these schemes.

2016 saw the launch of the Bob Stanier Society because of the tremendous importance of legacies to MCS over the years. They have always been part of the distinguished tradition of benefaction which has underpinned the school’s success. It is named after former Master (1944-67) Bob Stanier, who played such a formative role in making MCS the school it is today and gives us the opportunity to thank donors planning to leave a legacy to MCS at an annual lunch. Once you have made provision for family and other loved ones in your will, please consider leaving a legacy to Magdalen College School. All bequests will go towards ensuring that MCS can continue to offer the very best in education to future generations of pupils. If you are interested, please contact the Senior Development Manager, Shona Nicholson, to set up a confidential discussion.

To find out about other methods of giving, such as gifts of shares, please contact the Senior Development Manager, Shona Nicholson.

Giving to MCS

All donations are processed by Magdalen College School (using Blackbaud Merchant Services for card payments). Your kind gift will be held in the specific MCS fund whose purposes most closely correspond to the area you wish to support and shall then be applied in accordance with the purposes of the relevant fund. 

Your Data

Making a donation will result in your donor data being stored on the Waynflete Office database. Please see our Privacy Policy for information about our data protection policy.