In the Sixth Form, pastoral provision continues to form the cornerstone of school life and the basis of our academic success.

Each student is assigned a personal tutor and all benefit from the overall supervision of a specialist Sixth Form staff team.

Sixth Form pupils hold special roles within the school community and opportunities for pupil leadership abound.

New freedoms go hand-in-hand with new responsibilities: tutorial–style teaching and independent learning inform an approach designed to realise the potential of every pupil.

A dedicated Sixth Form Centre forms the social and academic hub for over 200 boys and girls. A new, state-of-the-art, purpose-built Sixth Form Centre was completed in 2017.

Beyond this, the students have access to three matrons in the medical centre and sick bay; they are the Senior Matron Sue King, matron Emma-Jayne Muir, and Anita Foster matron and mental health practitioner (pictured right). They are always on hand to offer help if a student feels unwell, injures themselves or simply wants a chat and they are able to advise and refer students to internal and external help (including the school councillors).

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