Located at Magdalen bridge, looking both towards the city centre and towards east Oxford, MCS has a rich history of partnership. Our collaborations with our neighbouring communities are varied and diverse, and offer exciting opportunities to share ideas, resources and expertise, to the benefit both of our neighbours and our pupils.

Each year the school coordinates and hosts a wide range of partnership projects and events, ranging from volunteering in charity shops, care homes and hospitals, to offering professional development for fellow teachers and academic, cultural and sporting enrichment for local students. Key elements in an extensive programme are a pioneering Arts Council-funded Arts Festival, a Summer School for Gifted and Talented primary school children, and an open day for aspiring medics. In all these areas, we aim to support our community by creating connections between people, and by bringing them together in enriching, collaborative activity. Developing in pupils an appreciation of their communities and of the ways in which they may contribute to them is a core part of the education MCS offers and a vital preparation for a fulfilling life beyond school.

This commitment is firmly embedded in school life, with many opportunities for pupils to engage reflectively and practically with their communities, for instance through our long-established Community Service Programme, high levels of participation in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, the pupil-led Charity Drive, our PSHCE course, and the thriving Model UN.

For more information, see our 2017-18 Outreach and Engagement Document here.