The curriculum is carefully designed to have challenge and balance. Pupils are well grounded in Mathematics and English; specialist teachers push the pupils' interests and further their development in many subjects, and project work encourages mental aptitude as well as preparing pupils for the future. 

The most recent Independent School Inspection Report (March 2017) states that, 'Teachers display a passion for their subjects and high levels of expertise, both in terms of their subject knowledge and of how to communicate this effectively to the pupils. In Junior School teachers track pupils' progress carefully, monitor their grades and meet regularly with them to discuss their progress. Booster groups, extension clubs, specific intervention for pupils with identified needs and helpful written and oral feedback ensure that all pupils maintain excellent progress.'

There are many opportunities to enrich class work through trips and workshops.

French is studied throughout the Junior School, with optional clubs currently offered in Spanish and German. Pupils prepare for the 11+ examination, with almost all going on to the Senior School. 

There is a full provision for Learning Support.