From our regular newsletter rounding up news and achievements to our inimitable annual Year in Pictures, you can access all of our publications by clicking on the images and links below.

Latest publications

  1. Newsletter April 2019

  2. Newsletter January 2019

Outreach and Engagement Document 2017-18

  1. Newsletter Trinity Term 2018

  2. Newsletter Hilary Term 2018

  1. Newsletter Michaelmas Term 2017

  2. The Year in Pictures 2017-18

  1. The Lily 2016-17

  2. The Bridge (OW Magazine) 2017-18

  3. Views from the Bridge (Junior School Magazine) 2018

  1. Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities Booklet 2018-19

  2. Donor Report 2016-17

Previous publications


Year in Pictures

The Lily

The Lily is a yearly magazine put together by a select small group of pupils who work with dedication to create a record of the past academic year for their colleagues.

Views from the Bridge (Junior School)

The Bridge

The Bridge is a publication for Old Waynfletes and Friends of MCS. It is produced annually by the Development Office and contains articles about MCS past and present, as well as a taste of what former pupils are doing today.

Extra-Curricular Activities

MCS in the News

Donor Reports