In March 2017, MCS welcomed inspectors from the Independent Schools Inspectorate. We were delighted to receive outstanding feedback for all aspects of the school’s operations. The key findings are as follows:

  • Academic results are exceptional.”
  • “Teachers display a passion for their subjects and high levels of expertise, both in terms of their subject knowledge and of how to communicate this effectively to the pupils.”
  • “Pupils’ achievements in music, art, drama, sports and a whole range of other extra-curricular activities are exceptional.”
  • “What is quite staggering is the ability of many pupils to combine the highest academic achievement whilst, for example, learning to play a musical instrument to a very high standard, participate in drama productions, represent the school or county in one or more sports, and still find time to engage in other activities.”
  • “In the Junior School, the pupils are self-assured, show the ability to reflect on their learning and display an eagerness to improve their performance. They attribute these abilities to the support and encouragement they receive from staff, with whom they have a strong rapport.”
  • Sixth Form girls commented on how they had grown in confidence as a result of the school’s approach to learning.”
  • “The teaching takes them way beyond the confines of the examination curriculum.”
  • “Pupils make an exceptionally positive contribution to the lives of others within the school, to the local community and to wider society.”

Read the full Education Quality Inspection Report.

Subsequent to a two-day compliance-only inspection in January 2020, the Independent Schools Inspectorate  also confirmed a positive result, that the school meets the quality standards expected of it and “no further action is required as a result of this inspection.”

Read the Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report.