There are so many ways to be involved in the life of MCS.


Share your knowledge

MCS pupils benefit greatly from school lectures and talks to societies, supervisors for Waynflete Studies and the wider MCS community enjoys a programme of talks and events, including during our annual Arts Festival. If you can help, please get in touch.

Help with careers

Careers advice from those who have newly joined the world of work or who have advice from many years in their field are really valued by the school. Our programme of careers talks, our annual careers fairs and our profiles of OWs are a great strength. If you are interested in joining the growing number of OW and parent career volunteers, please let us know.

Join the Parents’ Association

Through a programme of events throughout the year, the PA helps build a community of parents, supports classroom purchases to inspire pupils and raises money for charity. Find out more.

Organise a reunion

Old Waynfletes regularly organise their own events and we also hold school events in Oxford, Cambridge, London and New York. If you would be interested in organising an event or becoming a reunion leader, please get in touch with Alan Cooper, Director of Alumni Relations.

Gifts in Kind

We are pleased to receive ‘gifts in kind’.  Musical instruments and art materials are examples of such gifts which have been donated to the School in the past.

If you have items relating to MCS that you no longer wish to keep, please consider giving them to the School Archive. For more information, please contact the Archivist, Mrs Lindsay McCormack.

Join the Friends of MCS

Just as all pupils – past and present – form part of the MCS community, past and present parents too are a vital part of the school and its wider community. All former parents are invited to become Friends of MCS.

As a Friend:

  • You will be invited to a range of events, including the Arts Festival, Parents’ Association ball, talks, plays, concerts and other events.
  • We send e-newsletters and an e-version of the Year in Pictures, The Lily and The Bridge magazine.

How to keep in touch as a Friend

Become a Friend of MCS


There is no charge to be a Friend, and you can opt in or opt out at any time using the link above or by emailing the  Waynflete Office.

In recent years, Friends have joined other members of the MCS community at events, including a reception at The New York Times Building in New York, Treasures from the MCS Archive evenings at MCS, and MCS Breakfast Briefings in London. They have also performed in the MCS Chorus in the Sheldonian, and supported OWs at the annual OW Sports matches. We hope very much that you will enjoy the benefits of continued ‘Friendship’ with MCS.

Share your news

We regularly publish stories in our online news and in the annual magazine, The Bridge. If you have information for the News and Notes section of the Bridge, we’d love to hear from you. We also share news on social media. We are always interested to hear from Old Waynfletes who have felt they benefitted from the support of others. Perhaps a particularly inspirational teacher, a bursary to attend the school or go on a trip, or a visitor to the school who gave a careers talk  gave you an important insight that’s shaped your thinking and we would really like to hear about it. Please let us know.