MCS 2020 Telethon

Updated 19 March 2020

In light of the current health pandemic and school closure, we regret that our April telethon in support of bursary endowment is postponed.  We are hopeful of running the campaign in September 2020, though this will be reviewed in the intervening months.

Our thanks go to all OWs who expressed interest in and planned to be part of that telephone fundraising campaign – we’ll hope to see you in September.

The current situation affords us more time than usual to reflect in many ways, not least on the strength and erudite diversification of our MCS community.  It is this diversity of excellence which makes our school the exceptional place it is and contributes so significantly to its successes.

To this end, we are also reminded of the crucial role bursaries play in ensuring that MCS can be open to those able to benefit from the education we provide, regardless of background.  Looking to the possibilities of a post-COVID-19 future, bursaries may take on even more significance in helping us secure a truly distinct and flourishing pupil body.  This is why we remain committed to building a bursary endowment even through these uncertain times.

Despite the school closure and postponement of our telethon, The Waynflete Office remains open to our MCS community.  Please do get in touch at if you’d like to discuss a Magdalen College School project, supporting OWs or current pupils – or anything at all.

In the meantime, take care, and we look forward to welcoming you back to MCS as soon as we can.

“The best reason for giving was when people donated to the bursary fund as they had benefitted from bursaries or the direct grant system when they were at school. This was heart-warming as it showed their appreciation of MCS, and they felt like they should give back to the school.”

Alex McCulloch (OW 2015)