Red Diary

Hilary 2018 Red Diary Calendar


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Term and Holiday Dates for 2017-2018

Hilary 2018

Friday 5 January                                                  Staff INSET

Monday 8 January                                               Term begins

Friday 9 February                                               Half term begins at 3.50pm

Sunday 18 February                                            Half term ends

Wednesday 28 March                                          Term ends at 3.50pm

Trinity 2018

Tuesday 17 April                                                Term begins

Friday 25 May                                                    Half term begins at 3.50pm

Sunday 3 June                                                    Half term ends

Saturday 7 July                                                   Commemoration Day 

Monday 9 July                                                   Staff INSET

Michaelmas 2018

Monday 3 September                                        Staff INSET

Tuesday 4 September                                        Staff INSET and Induction for all 2nd Form and new L6th Form

Wednesday 5 September                                   Term begins for 2nd Form, new boys in L4th, and all L6th

Thursday 6 September                                      Term begins

Saturday 15 September                                     Open Morning 

Saturday 13 October                                         Half term begins after sports fixtures

Sunday 28 October                                           Half term ends

Thursday 13 December                                    Term ends at 3.50pm

Hilary 2019

Friday 4 January                                                Staff INSET

Monday 7 January                                             Term begins

Friday 15 February                                            Half term begins at 3.50pm

Sunday 24 February                                           Half term ends

Wednesday 3 April                                            Term ends at 3.50pm