In 2011, MCS received an "interim" inspection, and we are delighted that all aspects of the school's operations are described as excellent. The key findings are as follows:

  • "Throughout the school, pupils achieve outstanding success in their learning... [They] are extremely well motivated and determined to achieve as highly as possible... [They] enjoy a particularly rich educational experience which fulfils the school's aim to develop a love of learning and achieve intellectual and academic excellence."
  • "Outstanding features are the enrichment through extension work, visits and visitors, the rich and varied extra-curricular activities, work in the community and most significantly Waynflete studies, where sixth-form students pursue a project, that often goes well beyond A level, with the help of tutorial input from university lecturers."
  • "Teachers have excellent subject knowledge... inspire their pupils... and devote considerable time to individuals, both in and out of class... and the overall quality of teaching is excellent."
  • "Assessment is thorough... and pupils' progress is monitored regularly..." Results are "excellent... and progress is exceptional in relation to pupils' high ability."
  • "The excellent pastoral care allows pupils to feel happy and safe. Tutors know the pupils very well, provide excellent care and guidance and monitor their personal and academic progress... Relations among pupils and between staff and pupils are excellent, and pupils know they can find help if they have a problem."
  • The school's procedures relating to safeguarding and safe appointment procedures are "comprehensive", "secure and stringent". The quality of leadership and management, including the valuable contribution made by governors, and the quality of links with parents are excellent.

The full report can be found here