Cashless payment is now available for Senior School pupils in the Tuck Shop in the Link Building, Breakfast in the Dining Hall and the Café in the Sixth Form block.

Payments for purchases in these areas can be made electronically at the till without the need for cash. Each pupil has an account and purchases can be made from that account so long as it is in credit.

To add credit to a Student's account please click the WisePay logo below to proceed to the MCS payment pages.

Please use your Username and Password to log in, per the instructions in a letter you should have received.

Can I Change My Password?
You need to log in for the first time using the Username and Password provided to you in the email sent to you by the school. However, after you have logged in you are able to change the password to one of your choice.

To do this, please go to 'Change Password' and follow the on-screen instructions.

N.B. Please be aware that your email address becomes your Username if you change your password.

For security purposes, please ensure that the 'Wise Account' password you choose is unique to your 'Wise Account' and that you do not use it for any other login. We recommend that you change your password from the one issued to a secure password of your choice.

What if I am having problems with the Wisepay site?

Wisepay is a secure third-party provider of online payments and the payment portal is operated by them. Wisepay online help is available here and their password reset page is here. If you wish to contact the School please email with your questions.