At the Careers Fair on Tuesday 30 April, pupils were challenged and excited by the future of work. For the first time, MCS opened its doors to other schools and we were pleased to welcome pupils from Cheney, Oxford Spires, St Gregory’s and MCS Brackley.

The Fair started with a stellar line-up of speakers in Big School, organised by WorkLikeAHuman Founders and MCS parents Jenny Adams, Renee McCulloch and Annie Owen. MCS Deputy Head (Education Development) Scott Crawford welcomed MCS and visiting pupils, parents and speakers to the Fair. The session, which was anchored by ITV and BBC journalist Emma Walden, opened with recorded messages from young people from around the world, called ‘Global and connected, how are young people across the world thinking about the future?’ The event included a recorded holographic message from Dame Ellen MacArthur, former solo round-the-world yachtswoman, on where the future opportunities lie, and a live holographic message from Larry O’Reilly in Toronto on the future of augmented reality. A fantastic array of speakers followed, talking about issues from global health to digital arts to what skills are going to be needed in the future.

After this session, many of the speakers moved to the Studio so that pupils could chat with them informally in small groups. At the same time, parents were participating in Part Two of WorkLikeAHuman, where Jonathan Black (parent of two OWs) and Director of the University of Oxford Careers Service chaired a session entitled ‘What’s Next: for Parents’ or ‘how to support your young adults in the journey towards getting a good first job’. You can download a copy of the WorkLikeAHuman programme here.

No MCS Careers Fair would be complete without the incredible support of our parents, OWs and friends in the Exhibitors Hall. This year, the tables were moved to the Sports Hall to improve traffic flow and encourage conversation with people from different sectors. Some of our exhibitors went out of their way to make it fun for pupils, including a simulator so pupils could practice keyhole surgery, virtual reality goggles used as a presentation aid, samples of biology research such as seedlings and a stuffed toy baboon, and ice cream from Oxford’s G&Ds that was scooped up by pupils, parents and exhibitors alike.

You can download a copy of the Careers Fair overall programme here.

MCS would like to thank all of the volunteers and speakers who made this event a success.