The Master, Dr Peagram and pupils at the OW Dinner.

On Wednesday 24 April, the school announced that the New Building had been officially renamed 'The Michael Peagram Building' in recognition of Dr Peagram's continued generosity towards MCS.

 The renaming had first been publicised at this year's OW Dinner, an event fittingly hosted for the first time in the building's dining hall. At this celebration of the school's alumni community, the Master introduced Dr Peagram, himself an OW and Former Chair of Governors, and reflected on the means by which his experience of the school in the past and his generosity in the present would make provision for aspiring pupils in the future, '(Michael) was a pupil here during the Direct Grant era, and understands how significant it is that we can accept pupils from all backgrounds. I am delighted that his recent gifts to MCS include significant provision for bursaries'. 

This was a sentiment that Dr Peagram echoed in his own emotional speech to his peers, 'My very strong memory is of MCS as an essentially happy school. But over the years, my affection for MCS has been accompanied by a growing realisation of the fantastic opportunities that MCS gave us. I know these feelings are deeply shared by my contemporaries'.

Chairman of the OW Club, Bill Morris, reflecting on the OW Dinner and the announcement of the building's renaming, added further resonance to those feelings, 'The purpose of our community is to help to make sure that this fantastic school continues to flourish, while ensuring that pupils from less privileged backgrounds have the same opportunities that so many have been lucky enough to have enjoyed in the past ... It is a noble thing to give or leave behind something that can be woven into the lives of others'.

Signage is put up on the building's edifice.

That this sense of community stands the test of time pervades the building itself, a notion which current Head of School Flo Winkley felt as she recalled the evening's festivities, 'The dinner was particularly moving as we were able to witness the unveiling of the Michael Peagram Building. I was especially struck by Dr Peagram’s lasting connection with the school, from pupil to Governor to Chairman ... Dr Peagram spoke about the impact that the teaching here had on him, and I could sense unanimous agreement throughout the room (including on my part). He also emphasised the importance of MCS bursaries; naming the building after Dr Peagram acknowledges this difference that he has made to students’ lives by enabling them to have the MCS experience'. 

The day of the official announcement also saw the signage positioned atop the building's facade. On Friday 26 April, Dr Peagram will speak at chapel, marking again to the whole MCS student body that the school is a community for life, before unveiling an internal plaque in the building's reception foyer.