The Runner

The MCS Theatre Academy production of The Runner, which tells the story of three unaccompanied children’s journey to seek refuge in the UK, performed to rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer, following its run at the Burton Taylor Theatre in Oxford. 

The play, written and directed by MCS Director-in-Residence Francesca Murray-Fuentes, tells the story of a young refugee’s journey for survival using action, puppets and live music, and performed with warmth and humour by MCS pupils. It follows Nina, the 12 year old protagonist, her big brother Taz, and their annoying neighbour on an epic journey over land and sea as they seek refuge far from home.

Director Francesca Murray-Fuentes commented: ‘Child refugee figures have jumped by 75% in 5 years to 50 million child migrants worldwide. I created The Runner in response to this. I think it’s so important to help children here understand the difficulties and struggles that other young people their age face across the world, to begin to put themselves in another’s shoes. In this production we’ve drawn on the tradition of children’s adventure stories to bring this to them in a sensitive, accessible and educational way. Much of the content and storyline was a complete revelation to the cast, and we hope that the play will do the same for its young audiences.'

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