ISI Inspection

MCS is very pleased to announce outstanding feedback from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) following an inspection in March 2017.

Subsequent to the two-day inspection on 15th and 16th March, the ISI praised the “remarkable school” with its “incredibly rich opportunities”, where “pupils’ achievements are exceptional”.

The ISI noted not only the “exceptional GCSE and A-Level results” of its students and the “passion and high levels of expertise” of its teachers, but it also highlighted that “pupils’ achievements in music, art, drama, sports and a whole range of other extra-curricular activities are exceptional” within a “dynamic, vibrant and stimulating community”.

The Junior School was lauded as a “vibrant and active community which develops pupils’ personal skills and qualities to the very highest level”, while the school’s co-ed Sixth Form was similarly praised: “pupils display remarkable balance and equanimity”, achieving the “highest academic standards” whilst also being involved in “an exceptionally broad range of activities”.

MCS received high acclaim for its commitment to collaboration and community, and for the broad and fruitful links it fosters within Oxford and beyond, with the report highlighting the school’s pioneering outreach programme: “pupils make an exceptionally positive contribution to the lives of others within the school, to the local community and to wider society.”

The Master Helen Pike was delighted with the highly positive outcome of the school’s first inspection since 2011. She says: “The Inspectors found it “quite staggering” that MCS pupils combine the highest academic achievement with such a range of other pursuits and contributions to their community. I could not be more proud of these well-rounded and grounded individuals, and of the staff who support them.”

Read the full document here.