Evacuee experience

Dressed as World War II evacuees, J1 boys enjoyed a trip to STEAM (Museum of the Great Western Railway) for a fun and educational themed day.

J1's James F tells us more:

We experienced how it would have been in World War 2 in an air raid shelter. There would be no toilet so you would have to sit on a potty. You might be in the shelter for 13 hours. There were games and books in it so you would not get bored and when you slept there were so many people you would be squashed!

In our second work shop we learned about evacuation and what we could take in our luggage. You could take clothes, food and one toy. If it was me I would take my blanket as I have had it since I was born.

I really enjoyed my trip and told my Mum & Dad all about it when I got home.