Doctor in the house

MCS held another successful Medics' Conference. Thanks to L6's Rebecca for this report:

Lower Sixth medics attended a Medics' Conference held at MCS in preparation for our application next year. We shared the afternoon with fellow prospective medical students from Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, Cheney School, Bartholemew School, Fitzharry's School, Henley College, Matthew Arnold School, Wheatley Park, MCS Brackley, Queen Mary's School and Gosford Hill.

Over the course of the afternoon we had various talks which really got us thinking as to the reasons why we want to be a doctor. A selection of OW consultants and foundation doctors gave us a good insight into their time at medical school and the different pathways which they have each taken on entering the profession.

In addition to this, three OWs spoke to us about their experiences as first year medical students at Oxford, Kings College London and Newcastle. It was interesting to learn about the contrasting course structures that each of them have as well as acquiring useful first hand advice about the application process.

We also took part in a series of 8 multiple mini interviews which tested our ability to think on our feet. In small groups we discussed ethical topics in medicine and were faced with a number of scenarios, receiving valuable feedback on our responses. Some stations were really quite abstract and tested our lateral thinking as well as our teamwork skills. One example was having to teach someone how to tie a shoe lace verbally without the use of our hands! Whilst at times challenging, the practice MMIs were extremely fun and I know we all took some useful tips away from the experience that we can hopefully apply in the future.

The day closed with an extremely inspirational talk from Mr Jay Jayamohan, a Paediatric Neurosurgeon and Craniofacial Surgeon, who finished by saying that being a doctor is "probably the best job in the world" and he "wouldn't change it ever".