A Story Like the Wind

Award-winning children’s author Gill Lewis came to visit the Junior School and talk to the J2, J3 and J4 boys about her new book A Story Like the Wind. 

The beautifully illustrated story about a group of refugees, sharing their memories, stories and music, whilst cast adrift in a small boat on their quest for freedom, is drawn from an ancient fable and recast against a modern backdrop to entertain and inspire a future generation. 

The JS boys were quiet and still as soon as Gill began to read - you could have heard a pin drop, so great was their interest and absorption in this wonderful tale!

The boys enjoyed a thought provoking talk, as Gill shared her inspiration for this novel and the research that she drew upon to write the story. The session ended with some lively questions from the boys, and the opportunity to purchase books and to get them personally inscribed.