A-Level Exam Results

Once again MCS pupils are celebrating their hard-earned success at A-Level. 97% of all results were graded A*-B, with 41% of grades at A* and 82% at A*-A. There was particular success for girls taking STEM subjects.

Master Helen Pike said, “This delightful group of pupils contributed so much to school life and the wider community, so I am particularly delighted at their success. Given that this is the first cohort to be marked on the new linear system, these results are all the more remarkable.”

Individual successes include:

  • Maarten Elgar, who achieved a remarkable 6 A*s and a place at LSE
  • Zach Nairac, with a terrific clean sweep of 5 A*s across the sciences to read Engineering at Oxford
  • William Green achieved an impressive 4 A*s and a place at Cambridge
  • Eleanor Lee, also with 4 A*s, goes on to read Architecture
  • Leah Tillmann-Morris has 4 A*s and will be reading PPE at Oxford, Maria Calinescu achived 4 A*s and will read Maths, and Pippa Duckett seals her place at Jesus College to study Physics on the back of 3 A*s and an A 
  • Other 4 A* pupils include Wenchen Gu, Saahil Jayawant, Varna Khaitan, Ivo Leonard and Yinglai Wu
  • Lucy Denly, MCS Hockey Captain, with 3 A*s and an A, will read Medicine at Oxford
  • Will Cross, 3 A*s and an A will read Classics at Oxford
  • Luke Fox, 2 A*s and an A for MCS Hockey Captain, will read Medicine at BSMS
  • Outstanding musician Richard Woods Rogan, who takes up a place at Cambridge with A*A*AB, having already secured a distinction in his piano diploma