The Waynflete lectures are underway again for the lower sixth with talks this term ranging from drone warfare and the implications of this (Prof Dapo Akande) to how computers can be used to model brain processes (Prof Yiannis Ventikos) to, particularly fittingly as he was a Waynflete himself, Foxe’s Book of Martyrs (Dr Lucy Wooding). Continuing this week with a study into thinking skills (Prof Karen O’Brien), these lectures are intended to set the Lower Sixth off on their projects with the set of tools and ideas to see their Waynflete studies through. (For full titles of talks this term, see below).

Students complete projects in a wide range of fields with the only common factor being they interest the student! Later in the year most students will meet with an external expert in a tutorial discussing their projects.

We are extremely grateful to all the parents, OWs, and friends of MCS who give up their time to lecture, tutor, and help with these projects – their expertise and inspiration is invaluable.

Talks this term so far:

Dr Lucy Wooding: Foxes’ Book of Martyrs;

Professor Dapo Akande: The legality of using drones in military conflicts;

Professor Yiannis Ventikos: Computer simulation in modelling brain processes;

Professor Karen O’Brien: Thinking skills