MCS has been named The Sunday Times Southeast Independent Secondary School of the Year 2019 and is ranked fifth in the country in the Parent Power rankings. This award reflects not only our outstanding exam results but also the fantastic community and opportunities that MCS offers.

Alasdair McCall, editor of Parent Power, stated that “A long history of community engagement is one of the defining features of this outstanding school. Pupils learn about life and making a contribution to society along their academic studies. Throw in as wide and varied a diet of extracurricular activities as you will find at any school, and MCS makes a compelling offer to pupils and their parents.”

He added, “Magdalen College School is a two-time winner of our national Independent School of the Year award and under the headship of Helen Pike is making strides back towards the very top of our independent school rankings.”

More details can be found from 25 November here.